Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy

When is a door, not a door? When it's ajar.


Well, ladies and gents. We have a winner this week. Another Case has caught my attention. It's the case of Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy. And regrettably Michelle's door is a little ajar. (July of 2014)

Inside the link provided, you'll find the Grand Jury indictment of Michelle Carter technically it's "The refusal to dismiss rebuttal". Wherein, the Court makes it's case against her ultimately holding Miss Carter responsible in the death of her boyfriend, Conrad Roy.https://lintvwpri.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/response-to-michelle-carters-motion-to-dismiss.pdf

Now lets get started, shall we? I'll preface this with the full intent of an open teenage mind. Boy and girl have an "internet connection", they're deeply in love. However, both suffer from their own mental illness. Which with their illness' combined, equals death.  

This, loves, is the face of a murderer. No doubt, putting on a long string of masks to hide the beast within her body. She selfishly used her boyfriend's depression only for her narcissistic attention seeking behaviors. I liken this to a case of "Munchhausen by-proxy" gone horribly wrong.. (add to the cocktail some Borderline Personality Disorder and a dash of Sociopath.) But she really didn't care. She admitted to being responsible for his death, to her friend. However, lied to the police and repeatedly apologized to Conrad's Mother saying that she "should have said something" and "it wasn't her fault" . When clearly, she searched the instruction booklet, looked it up on the vid-share site, and told him to take sleep-inducing drugs to "make it easier."

 It never really IS (your fault), is it Michelle? <insert sarcasm font here>

If you've read the transcripts, you'll see that Michelle was practically obsessed with her boyfriend's borderline suicidal behaviors up to TWO WEEKS before he even made his mind up. He "always thought about it, but never did it."  His parents were trying to help him get through it. With the hope that he had "something to live for" now that he'd found a "nice girl", presumably. 

Michelle Carter goads him into suicide, and doesn't bat an eyelash. Unless, it's to get attention. I'm sure the "fundraiser" that she tried to hold in his honor and suicide prevention was all about her.

A friend of Conrad's, who'd seen Michelle at her organized event was quoted saying, " I don't know how someone could do something like that, knowing what they did. And play it off like that."
~Classic Sociopathic Behavior~

I wonder how much easier she thought life would be, always having people sympathizing for her? 
"Poor Michelle, lost her boyfriend to suicide. They were so close."

That is the reality. And these are the ones who walk among us. Sadly, Michelle will only be charged as a juvenile with manslaughter and get probably 8 to 10 years maximum; since she physically didn't "do anything to cause his death".

 People like this, should not be allowed back into society at all. Their disregard for human life is appalling. To her, Conrad Roy was another pawn in her game. She could play with his emotions, manipulate him, and have the power of his life in her hands. He was an impressionable young man, with everything to live for. 

Sitting here, I ponder the thought of her excitement at the fact he was dying. I wonder if she felt his soul flow through her fingers, and laughed. I wonder if she actually enjoyed that last phone call. The one she described where "he was gurgling incoherently and choking for help."  And then to add to her excitement in that moment, she texts people asking if they'd seen him. People she'd never even met before. People that she'd later stalked on social networks, and invited to his event. Talking to them like they were her old friends, after taking his life. 

This woman should be put away for the rest of her life. Medicated  and never allowed to leave the confines of a mental facility. This is no longer a world where the predators look evil and the weak look innocent. Instead, you're looking at a demon in an angel's disguise. 

The depth of the human psyche will never cease to amaze me. My sympathies for both families in their times of sorrow.